Kimberly G. Jackson

Poetry and Flash Fiction

The possibility of extraordinary healing is explored in Swimming with Dolphins.

Rosary imagines Jesus' mother as a real person.

Shehecheyanu reflects on what it means to  celebrate spring holidays, using the French triolet form.  The title refers to a Jewish prayer of thanksgiving that is recited when one does something for the first time in a year.

The Glassine Lizard looks across the species barrier.

The Japanese somonka is traditionally made of two tankas, one an expression of romantic love and the other a response.  In  Mother and Child I adapted it to a familial relationship.

Anatomy Scan is a Petrarchean sonnet.

Saving Grace is a poem in one sentence.

Tonglen for Rin Norris adapts a Buddhist meditation practice to the context of reading the news.

On Wandering was inspired by reading an article about continuing prejudice against the Roma and Sinti peoples in Germany.

My Order‚Äč appreciates an ordinary moment.

Materfamilias considers the female equivalent of the traditional "paterfamilias," who heads both a family, in the private realm, and a household, seen as the basic unit of society.  It uses the Vietnamese luc bat form.